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100% privately owned Cosmetic Manufacturing Company established in 2018 in Malaysia. We are your leading partner for innovative development and manufacturing of private label oem/odm cosmetic products. Trough our very own in-house R&D laboratory we are able manufacture for our customers bespoke ranges of skincare, haircare and bodycare oem/odm products.

We combine industry insight with cutting-edge research and operational expertise to provide impeccable service. Regulatory guidance in the specialty of OEM & ODM enables our customers to work closely with our marketing team to build their brand. We cover the entire process, beginning from concept, product development and formulation of your products. This is done through the sourcing of components, graphic design, and finally filling and packaging.

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We create formulas, manufacture final products, design your brands, labels & packaging, provide consultation & regulatory services and ship internationally.


Products created since the birth of the company. Thanks to innovations & technology.


Items in our inventory inclusive of in-house proprietary raw material.


Countries to collaborate for the sourcing of raw material.


Scalable human resources for exponential growth.

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