Monthly Archives: March 2021

Pre-, Pro-, and Post-Biotic

Pre and probiotics is important for human skin

Pre and probiotics help to repair and protect the natural layer of good bacteria on your skin, otherwise known as your micro biome. “This year, inner and outer wellness brands and products will gain immense popularity. We are on this paths right from the start, but now, more than ever it is important to have…

Skin Care To Calm Inflammation and “Inflammaging”

Skin Care To Calm Inflammation

Mask Acne or Maskne is a breakout caused by wearing facemask in the long run. To counter this, a proper skin care to calm inflammation is the best solution. Maskne, for one, has inflammatory components, as evidenced by telltale redness, breakouts, and irritations. Additionally, adds Frieling, “stress can trigger flare-ups of eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis,…

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