5 Essential Tips for Intimate Hygiene

intimate hygiene

How many times are we affected by problems related to intimate hygiene in the course of running our peaceful daily life? Well, unfortunately often enough! Let’s explore the essential tips later in this article.

In addition to reasons related to the medical history of each individual person, taking care of intimate hygiene is something of which you always pay close attention. How to do it then?

We only need to have small tricks that will drastically improve our intimate life.

Types of Sanitary Pads.

Here are 5 essential tips for females to take preventive measures and keep healthy intimate care.

Regular bathing

Regular bathing is essential for everyone. The habit of skipping baths can lead to various skin infections such as dry skin and fungal infections. Cleaning your private areas is as necessary as bathing regularly.

bathing regularly helps with intimate hygiene

Hygiene during menstruation 

The most irritating duration for a female is during periods. Every woman wants to feel clean, comfortable, and odourless during that time of the month. Therefore, changing your sanitary pads, tampons, and panty often will comfort yourself. Be sure to sterilize your menstrual cups before and after should you choose to use them.

Hygiene during menstruation.

Wipe correctly 

You must take extra care of your vaginal area throughout the day. After urination and bathing, you must clean your vaginal area from your anal region towards the vagina. It will help to prevent urinary infections. You should do the same once you have had intercourse as well to clean vaginal fluids. Also, make sure to wash your hands with soap after cleaning your private parts.

Using tissues to wipe yourself clean

Choose the right clothes

It is better to use loose and cotton cloths that allow airflow. Tight-fitting clothes generate a moist and warm environment inside the body that leads to fungal infection. Make sure to change your clothes and underwear regularly since they may get sweaty after a sport or physical activity.

Choose the right clothes.

Be Careful while using public washrooms 

No matter how good you are at holding your urine, you may have to use public toilets at times. You are at higher risk of getting the infection if you are using public toilets frequently. Therefore, one should always be cautious while using them. There are small and portable disinfectants available for women to use in public restrooms to avoid infections.

Be Careful while using public washrooms.

Choosing the right intimate wash spray 

It is necessary to use a cleanser/spray with an acidic pH and above all, composed of natural ingredients. OEM or ODM intimate wash, such as an antibacterial cleanser/spray with essential oils and active ingredients based will protect the intimate parts naturally.

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