Once our clients have chosen and designed their packaging, we have a network of reliable partners in PACKAGING, PRINTING and LABELLING to complete your seamless delivery. Clients deal directly with them and have the final packaging material delivered to our warehouse.

Cosmetic Jars

  • Acrylic Cream Jar
  • Airless Cream Jar
  • Glass Cream Jar
  • PETG Plastic Cream Jar
  • Plastic Cream Jar

Airless Bottle

  • Airless Pump Bottle
  • Airless Spray Bottle
  • Frosted Airless Pump Bottle

Dropper Bottle

  • Glass Dropper Bottle
  • Plastic Dropper Bottle

Spray Bottle

  • Acrylin Mist Bottle
  • PET Mist Bottle
  • Glass Mist Bottle
  • Airless Mist Bottle
  • Mini Sanitizer Mist Bottle
  • Perfume Spray Bottle
  • Mouth Nasa / Throat Spray Pump Bottle
  • Eco-friendly Biodegradable Wheat Straw Spray Bottle
  • Essential oil Spray Bottle

Cleanser/Shampoo/Shower Bottle

  • PET Pump Bottle
  • PETG Pump Bottle
  • Glass Lotion Pump Bottle
  • Airless Pump Bottle

Beauty Makeup Packaging

  • Lipstick Tube
  • Mascara Tube
  • Lip Glass Tube
  • Eyeliner Tube
  • Compact Powder Case
  • Eyelash Bottle

Ampoules Bottle

  • Glass Ampoules Bottle
  • Plastic Ampoules Bottle

Perfume Bottle

  • Glass Perfume Bottle
  • Airless Perfume Bottle
  • Plastic Perfume Bottle
  • Mini Size Perfume Spray Bottle