Eye Catching Ingredients for Beauty Products

Eye Catching & colourful Ingredients for Beauty Products

The beauty industry is not only evergreen but thriving with no sign of slowing down. In fact, the numbers are scaling up rapidly with exciting developments daily. In order to have a foot in the door and gain competitive advantage to rise in the crowd, an outstanding business requires a combination of a compelling mission, consistent communication strategies to your target market, appealing packaging and supreme product quality to capture your market attention and ultimately be your consumers.  

Among the key criteria influencing consumers’ purchasing decision are the product outlook and its sensory properties. It is about how aesthetic the product is, the feeling it brings when apply on the skin and how well it works with a different spectrum of complexion which creates an enjoyable personal experience.

For today topic, we will zoom into the different option of skin care Ingredients that can be added into the basic skin care formula to improve its visual attractiveness.

This embedded type of bead is one of encapsulation technology which contains serum or oil or water based cream with different active ingredients, so that it is more convenient to use and effective for targeting reason. There are several attractive colors, sizes, active ingredients to choose from.

Encapsulated beads are small but functional particles that break and release the active ingredients when massage onto skin. This encapsulation technique offers a unique delivery system for active ingredients to have a controlled and targeted release, preservation and protection of the active compounds. In that way, it is able to help Improved the stability and efficacy of the active material to work on our skin.

These color changing beads are popular ingredients in liquid cosmetic, sunscreen or even some of the cream based products. It has the ability to provide dramatic color change with visual impact providing a unique marketing concept for the product. For example when the beads break, it will release the white color content that gives an instant lightening effect to our skin. It is suitable to be added into the formula for foundation, tone up cream, whitening cream and etc.

Adding Dehydrated Flowers into your product not only make it physically attractive to the consumers, it also creates an emotional impact to the users. According to behavioral research conducted at from Rutgers University in New Jersey, it has shown that flowers are a natural moderator of moods and have strong positive effects on emotional health for the receivers.

Proprietary to TCT Nutraceuticals Sdn Bhd, we developed this extraordinary and unique customized active ingredients in snowflake shape adding a magical appearance for the skin care product. Just like snowflakes, it melts when massage onto skin, leaving your skin with an instant luminous effect. There is a wide range of active ingredients you may choose to add into the snowflakes.

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