How to Store Soap Bars After Use 

How to store soap bar

Now that you know how to store unopened soap bars long term, how do you store soap after each shower, or just to wash your hands?

8 tips to make a soap last longer:

Get it out of the water

1. Get it out of the water

It goes without saying that if you’re storing your bar soap in the bathroom where it’s getting directly hit by a stream of hot water, it’s a bad spot.

Your soap is literally getting washed away and wasted every time you shower. The best place to store your soap is above your shower head (if you have a shelf handy, or a shower caddy), out of the direct shower stream, but still accessible.

Wipe dry after

2. Wipe dry after use

As with shampoo bars, they last much longer when you give them a quick wipe after you use them. A washcloth works well to remove excess water. Just wipe the surface of the soap bar.

Allow to dry in between uses

3. Allow to dry in between uses

Most bathrooms are hot and humid—conditions that don’t make soap last longer. For longevity, consider removing bars of soap from the bathroom to keep them dry between uses. By allowing the soap to dry fully, you’re maintaining a harder, longer lasting bar of soap.

Get a better soap dish

4. Get a better soap dish

Don’t let your bar soap sits in a puddle of water! Look for a soap dish that allows for decent air circulation so the bar can dry after each use. Some soap dishes have raised textured beds. Others may have a removable top rack that allows for drainage.

Divide up the soap bars and store it

5. Divide it up

The plan is to divide and conquer (the bar of soap, that is). Instead of using the entire bar of soap in one go, cut the bar into smaller chunks to make soap last longer. This stretches each bar of soap by minimizing exposure to excess water.

Store small slivers of soap bars in a pouch

6. Store small slivers in a pouch

Don’t toss those old soap slivers! If you have a small fabric pouch, you can use it as a soap-saving pouch. Preferably, the pouch will be made of a skin-friendly material such as hemp, linen or cotton, or another natural material. Use the pouch to store soap and lather up with the soap pouch. Hang to dry between uses.

Use a washcloth or loofah to store soap bars.

7. Use a washcloth or loofah

To get more bang-for-your-bucks (and to stretch those suds), lather up with a washcloth or a loofah instead of using your hands. The larger surface area of a washcloth or loofah helps to cover more surface area while retaining a sudsy lather.

Re-batch slivers of soap

8. Re-batch slivers of soap

For the ultimate frugal move, you can re-batch or melt old soap slivers and make new soap bars.

You now know how to store soap bars, read more about soap bar hygiene here.

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