Men Deserve A Luxury Skin Pampering Too!

Men is care bout' their skin

While not all men will admit it, most of them do care about how they look. And, while men are less likely to spend a lot of time and money on skincare, sometimes all they need is a little nudge in the right direction. In the past, a man’s grooming regime was merely a quick wet shave, a few brush strokes on the hair, and if you were lucky, a splash of cologne. Looking after personal appearance was very much the women’s domain. Many gentlemen just went for rough and ready while the ladies spent hours in front of the mirror with their potions and lotions. Gentlemen are rarely willing to commit to a complicated skincare routine. 

But things have certainly changed. There are also a whole host of amazing skin-care brands and products in the market that are catering towards men’s skin concerns. This shows that how much the market is expecting from the gentlemen’s market. Based on the record found in the men’s skin-care market recently, it has proven that there is rising awareness and interest amongst men when it comes to skin health and personal grooming. Meanwhile, the purchasing power of men is another factor where the whole market is still learning with much room for growth.  Some research found that in recent years, it is becoming more acceptable for gentlemen to pamper themselves. More men are making time for a relaxing spa treatment; massages and facials amidst their busy schedule. 

And why not? Men and women alike deserve this pampering treatments once in a while especially for those living in a stressful urban environment. Fortunately, with some help from innovative technology and advancement, there are potent, yet simple products which is ideal for that active man-on-the-go. 

Just like women, gentlemen will benefit from taking care of their skin too. However, men’s skin are different.  As known, men’s skin is thicker, oilier, and with more hair follicles. Thicker skin means the skincare products for men are developed with higher potency and have greater absorbance ability to penetrate the outer layers of the skin. This actually make a difference as the oilier skin on the gentlemen’s skin needed  a more effective cleanser, lesser moisturizing content, whilst reducing oil production and preventing clogging of pores. Thus, we have been taking the best from science and nature and bringing it to men’s skin for the most regenerative products in the market. Empowered with concentrated formulation, it is created with the purpose of providing long-lasting results within a short application time for skincare regimes specially design for men.

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