Stretch Mark


Product Description

Pre-Stretch Mark Essence:

A nourishing essence that keeps your skin supple and soft throughout your pregnancy. This treatment essence acts in a much-targeted way on stretch marks. Designed with patented technology, it is proven that this fast-absorbed formulation able to reduce unwanted stretch marks, reinforces skin’s natural firmness, softens, and deeply moisturizes the skin of pregnant women and young mothers.

Post-Stretch Mark Essence:

An innovative ampoule specially formulated for post-partum new mothers’ use to reduce the stretch marks that appeared during pregnancy. Thanks to its unique combination of the quick absorbed-release technology and its riched formulation, this luxurious and non-greasy ampoule visibly help to minimize the appearance of stretch marks by firming the skin and boosting elasticity.



Apply onto clean skin especially affected parts and areas to be improved. Gently massage using circular movements until fully absorbed.

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