Skin Types Made Easy: At-Home-Tests

Skin types at-home-tests

Ever find yourself scrolling through countless articles, trying to crack the code to your skin type? The struggle is real, especially when a visit to a beauty clinic or a dermatologist feels like a distant dream. Where are skin types at-home-tests when we needed them?

Fear not, beauty enthusiasts! We’ve got fantastic news for you – you’ve got exactly what you’re looking for!

These at-home methods won’t steal your entire evening. They’re quick, they’re easy, and they only demand 30 minutes of your time.

So, why wait? Dive into these skin type at-home-tests methods, where your skin type revelation is just 30 minutes away.

What are those so-called skin types at-home-tests?

The first method, the 3W (Wash, Wait, Watch), is like a mini spa session. You literally just have to wash your face, wait for the magic to happen, and then simply watch. And all it takes is half an episode of your favorite series.

Then, the second method involves a humble blotting sheet – your skincare Sherlock Holmes. Press it against your face, observe, and let it spill the beans on your skin’s true nature. All while you continue to enjoy your Netflix marathon.

Ready to try these skin types at-home-tests?

Washing face for the 3W Method

The 3W Method

  1. Wash: Begin with a spa-like cleanse using a gentle cleanser, and give your face a little pat-pat-dry love.
  2. Wait 30 Minutes: Time for a mini-break! Catch up on your favorite show, have a chat, or take a power nap.
  3. Watch: The grand finale! Stop whatever you’re doing and look at yourself in the mirror.
  4. Observations:
    • If your skin is glowing and shiny, welcome to the world of oily skin.
    • Feeling tight and a bit flaky? Hello, dry skin!
    • T-zone shining? Meet combination skin.
    • If your skin feels perfectly balanced – not too oily, not too dry – congrats, you’ve got normal skin.
Blotting paper method

The Blotting Sheet Method

  1. Wash and Wait: Begin by washing your face, patting it dry, and then patiently wait for 30 minutes – the prelude to a skincare mystery thriller.
  2. Press and Reveal: Use blotting sheets – your trusty sidekick. Press them to different areas of your face, let them do their thing, and then hold them up to the light.
  3. Detective Verdicts:
    • If they’re oil-drenched superheroes, you’ve got oily skin.
    • Little to no oil? Dry skin is your skincare scene-stealer.
    • If it’s a T-zone oil affair, say hello to combination skin.
    • Minimal oil from every face nook and cranny? You, my friend, have landed in the land of normal skin.

Now, have you graduated from the “what’s-my-skin-type” degree?

There you have it – the journey to discovering your skin type has never been more engaging and enjoyable! With the 3W Method and the Blotting Sheet Method, you can redefine your skincare routine from a head-scratching puzzle into a Netflix-worthy revelation.

The 3W Method takes you on a radiant rollercoaster, while the Blotting Sheet Method turns you into the Sherlock Holmes of your own skincare saga.

With these methods, you’re not just deciphering your skin type – you’re becoming the author of your radiant narrative. Here’s to discovering the beauty that makes you uniquely you!

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