Step by Step Guide to Customize Your Product

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Step 1: Start With A Question

If you have totally no idea on what product you going to do, try starting off with a marketing survey. The most helpful feedback is targeted feedback. Compile more feedback from the market on what are the problems they are facing that may require different solutions. Choose your focus on why you create the product and what problem you aim to solve. Identify what are your customer main needs for skin care.

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Another way round: If you already have a product in mind but not sure how the market will respond to it. You may create your own survey by asking it out aloud, “Hey, what do you think about this product?” leave the door wide open. With that approach, you might get some new ideas from the reviews and thoughts with differing viewpoints from the market. This may helping you in a way to get a more creative and attractive product.  

start with a single question how to Customize your product

Step 2: Understand Your Target Market

In marketing, a target market represents a group that shares similar attributes such as demographics, income, geography, and buying power. 

The utmost important step in any successful marketing initiative is to understand exactly who you are marketing too. That’s because not all products especially skin care products are meant for every consumer. It is even more important to understand your target market in Malaysia when you are selling your product in a multi–ethnic, multicultural, and multilingual society where many of the ethnic groups maintain separate cultural identities. The following will be some criteria you should identify and be specific:

  • Age Group  – With the age group you may able to target their preference, their lifestyle, their common skin problem, who are the decision maker for purchasing their skin care product, their spending power and others. 
  • Skin Types  – You will need to identify your customer common skin type in order to produce a more suitable product to address their skin problems. For example, acne problem in different skin types will have different treatment methods. Acne in oily skin will need to have oil control function, acne in dry & sensitive skin you will need to have hydrating and soothing function.
  • Gender – Female and Male preference might be different in term of scent, color of the product, some specific ingredients might be pro to each gender. For example, when creating body wash, men prefer musky and minty scent but female prefer floral and sweet scent. 
  • Race – Understanding different race and culture may appeal to different formulation to packaging style. For example, Malay prefer active ingredient like black seed oil, Indian prefer formula with gold, or Chinese prefer Chinese herbs extract.
  • Income Range – Income range of the customer represent their status, spending power and what price they are acceptable for their skin care product. 
  • They prefer shopping on which selling platform? – Selling on different selling platform will affect the way of formulating your product. For e.g.: if you are selling it on online platform, your customer would like something milder and easy to use, they prefer 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 function so they can settle their skin care routine fast and easy. But if selling in beauty salon, then you will have to separate each product to it specific usage and formulation might be of higher concentration as beautician know how to use it on their customer.
Customize your customer in different skin type women

Step 3: Product R&D

Providing all the info you’ve collected in the previous step to your Product Consultant, they will help you design a suitable formulation sample. Convey your message clearly to them – for example, if your target market is mostly vegan and no fragrance product you may tell them in advance so they can work out the formulation according to your requirements. 

There are millions of active ingredients in the world that shares the same function, if you already have any specific ingredient you wish to make it as main in the formulation, do let us know. This is a very good move as you know your business and customer better than anyone else. For those who wish to choose their own active ingredient you may have a look in our website   

As R&D requires input from both sides, what you need to do is testing the product sample on the right people with similar skin type/skin problems to give a correct feedback to your consultant. With this, they will then modify and adjust the formula to best suit your target market. 

R&D testing product to help you to Customize your product in market

Step 4: Create Your Brand & Product Story

Because stories are basically about how human communicate with each other, creating the right story will capture attention, entertain, enlighten, and persuade your target market all in a blink of the eyes. You as a business owner must be aware of all of the benefits and advantages of your own product offers. However your customers doesn’t immediately share the same knowledge when it is newly launched.

A new product launch requires an extensive customer education in order to be successful. You will need to help your customers understand not just what your product is, but why they need it in their lives.  After the formulation sample confirmed, you’ll get the active ingredient info from your supplier. That’s where those data you collected in the previous step 1 & 2 take place to help create your storyboard based on the customers’ desires.

advertise a brand new product

Step 5: Choose Your Packaging Style to Attract Your Customer 

The right packaging not only attracts consumers, it must also be safe and keep your products fresh during transportation. To attract your customer, you may need to understand their preferred color, style and study those products that they support. For example, if your customer group likes dreamy pastel color with cute style, don’t go and choose something in black and white with luxurious style. Once you get their preferred style you may start to survey a little in Google, grab some sample photo and show it to your designer.  

As for the box and bottle, we advise to get sample before making a bulk purchase. Test the following before you make your purchasing decision:

  1. Is it air tight? Will it cause your product to oxidize/leak/evaporate in a short period of time? 
  2. Is the box able to secure the bottle? Especially for those using glass bottle. Make sure there is an inner holder to secure the product in place and use thicker paper to ensure the box is solid enough. Ensure that it doesn’t shake once inside the box. In that way you can minimize the risk of broken product while delivering it to your customer. 
  3. Test on user experience. Is the bottle easy to use and suitable to your target market lifestyle?
  4. Level of the solution. When bottle mention 30ml, it is just an average indication. If you wish to know whether your solution is suitable for the bottle you may test it using your actual solution. 

No worries, if you don’t know how to choose the right bottle, our expertise will help you with advice and bottle compatibility test on the sample bottle.

a identify style and design for a product

Step 6: Post-Launch Tracking

Just because a product is officially marketed, it doesn’t mean the product design is over. In fact, product design is an ongoing process for as long as the product is selling in the market. You will need to gather your customer feedback, study and modify the product from time to time to improve your product sales.

for customer satisfaction survey

“The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations”

Roy H. Williams

The utmost important point to remember when customizing products is that the design is for the people. To produce great products, you must provide the right features, with the right user experience for the right people. Hence, clarify your target market, research their needs and problems, and lastly, focus on creating a product that solves those problems!

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