Whether it’s an idea, concept or existing formula, our Research and Development team will work hand-in-hand with you to produce formulations to suit your desires, objectives and needs. From packaging concepts to innovative trends, we offer comprehensive services driving you from concept stage to marketable products ready for the shelves.

Experience the power of science behind formulas. We use our very own innovative technology in creating unique formulas for each client. Developed from 10 years of research and studies, this synergistic approach right from the start at formulating level – allowing you to experience our technology as your own concept to have an edge over other competitors when getting your products out to the market.



With over 10 years in formulating beauty care products, our experience is our virtue. However, we understand the nature of the ever-changing industry and will assist you to keep abreast of upcoming trends in formulated products, ingredients and raw materials. Our chemists ensure all formulas go through proven accelerated stability testing to ensure they fit with your product ideas and brand values.

Great products deserve great packaging. With filling equipment for a wide variety of bottles, jars, sachets and tubes, we offer a spectrum of packaging and manufacturing options to tailor any project requirements. With the latest high speed machines and quality tube suppliers, we have the most competitive quotes in the market compared to other private label skin care manufacturer.



Our services have been developed and perfected as the foundational infrastructure for our customers’ needs. This speed up our customers’ access to their market with less potential for operational issues than their competitors. We are committed to continuously evolve our services to be ahead of other private label skin care manufacturer where they may not even dream of pursuing! Thus, making your business more profitable with pioneering status. Contact us for more info.