Tips For Choosing The Right Baby Care Products

Choose the right baby product

Avoid dyes & fragrance in product baby.

Avoid Baby Care Products with Dyes and Fragrances

Many of us enjoy baby care products with fragrances.  Unfortunately, they can also irritate your baby’s skin and result in breathing issues. Fragrances tend to linger on the skin for hours, causing long-term skin and respiratory damage, such as asthma. We recommend sticking to naturally colored and fragrance-free products to reduce the risk of immune system deficiency.

Choose Baby Products that Strengthen the Skin Barrier.

Choose Baby Care Products that Strengthen the Skin

As we all know, your baby’s skin is newly developed hence their skin barrier is more sensitive than you might realise. You may use products that are non-irritating and formulated for healthy skin can reinforce their natural skin barrier. SebaMed Baby Lotion is formulated at the pH level of 5.5, which helps strengthen and moisturize skin and combat eczema, dryness, and diaper rashes.

Look for Soap-Free Baby Products.

Look for Soap-Free Baby Care Products

This one might seem a little counterintuitive, how can a cleanser be soap-free? As soapless products are created without the use of harsh fats and alkaline products, they are actually proven to clean better than soap cleansers.  The non-irritating formula soothes diaper rashes and dry skin while promoting a healthy skin pH of 5.5.

Use Paraben-Free and Phthalates-Free Baby Products.

Use Paraben-Free and Phthalates-Free Baby Care Products

Scientists have linked parabens and phthalates, a form of preservatives, to the development of different cancers and diseases. A babies’ skin is more sensitive than ours, they are more susceptible to these conditions. Using paraben-free and phthalate-free products reduces possible risks and reduces the amount of chemical exposure. Your baby’s skin will thank you.

Looking to create your own baby care products?

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