Why Aerosol Spray Products?

Why aerosol spray

Aerosol spray products that will inspire and influence your customers. 

Less one headache for the new product development team – let us cover the full or partial manufacturing solutions tailored to your requirement.

As explained by explainthatstuff.com, “An aerosol is really the cloud of liquid and gas that comes out of an aerosol can, not the can itself.”

The journey begins with market and trend analysis, on to research and development, creative and design, manufacturing, quality assurance and finally logistics.

Aerosol spray is actually an efficient, safe and convenient discovery. Many essential and helpful products that we have now would not be available without the production and manufacturing of aerosol. Indeed, aerosol products have many benefits as long as we use them properly and with care. As opposed to popular belief, aerosol products have numerous health and safety benefits. 

Aerosol spray products have heretically sealed containers so contents cannot leak and they are also fully recyclable. For further benefits and information on aerosol safety, the Aerosol Association of Australia has developed what they call The Aerosol Advantage. It describes how aerosol products have advanced in many industries. Also, it showed us how they can be beneficial to our daily lives. Be sure not to overlook the many benefits of aerosol products!

Woman using aerosol deodorant on her underarm.

Aerosols offer a wide range of products from mass-market goods such as cosmetic and household products, to specific aerosol types dedicated for industrial or medical purposes. This section describes the large variety of aerosols products.

The many benefits of aerosol spray products:

  • Safety: 
    Aerosol containers are hermetically sealed; their contents cannot leak.
  • Resource Efficiency: 
    Aerosol containers are designed to deliver the precise amount of its content where it’s needed. Using an aerosol package reduces waste and post-consumer aerosol containers are recyclable.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: 
    Aerosol dispensers control the particle size, the spray pattern, the volume dispensed and the concentration of the spray for maximum effectiveness. The hermetically sealed package protects the product and extends its useful life.
  • Clean and Sanitary Use: 
    Aerosol products can be applied without contact, while protecting users from germs and, in case of burns or lacerations, with a minimum of pain. In addition, the sealed package prevents any product contamination.
  • Special Products: 
    Aerosol dispensers offer consumers the use of products – from shaving cream to asthma inhalers and other medical products – which would be unavailable otherwise.
Spraying air freshener at home.

Examples of Aerosol Spray in the Beauty Care Industry

Aerosol Spray – mostly in the form of mist. It is usually fine droplets of liquid. An example of use is Sun Screen Mist that is evenly applied when sprayed

Aerosol Foam – Sprayed out in foam or “mousse” form. It is usually “heavier”, and more concentrated. An example of use is shaving cream or hair mousse.  

Let us share with you some examples of aerosol spray that can be produced for the beauty industry.

Aerosol spray vs. Aerosol Foam.

Body & Personal Care:

  • Sun Care 
  • Deodorant
  • Bust Care 
  • Body Spray 
  • Shave Cream 
  • Feminine Mist 
  • Slimming Care 
  • After Sun Care 
  • Shower Foaming 
  • Stretch Mark Mist 
  • Armpit Lightening 
  • Body Perfume Mist 
  • Mosquito Repellent 
  • Anti-bacterial Disinfectant 

Hair Care: 

  • Dry Shampoo
  • Spray Mousse
  • Hair Shampoo
  • Dandruff Mist 
  • Hair Scalp Mist 
  • Hair Conditioner 
  • Hair Growth Tonic 
  • Damage Hair Mist 
  • Hair Styling Product 
  • Hair Strengthening Mist 
  • Hair Spray / Mist /Perfume 
  • Anti-Hair Fall / Volumizing Mist 

Household Maintenance:

  • Disinfectant
  • Air Freshener
  • Glass Cleaner 
  • Furniture Polish 
  • Fabric Protector 
  • Bathroom Cleanser 
  • Countertop Cleaner 
  • Dusting Aids / Dusters 
  • Multi-Purpose Cleanser

Skin Care: 

  • Micellar Water 
  • Sun-screen Mist 
  • Oxygenating Mist 
  • Foaming Cleanser
  • Anti-Oxidant Mist 
  • Anti-Pollution Mist 
  • Skin Lightening Mist
  • Lifting / Firming Mist 
  • Soothing / Sensitive Mist 
  • Hydrating / Moisturizing Mist
  • Anti-Aging / Anti-wrinkle Mist 
  • Toner / Prep water / Setting Mist 
  • Acne-prone / Sebum Regulation Mist 

Baby Care:

  • Baby Bath 
  • Baby Shampoo
  • Anti-sensitive Mist 
Woman applying dry shampoo onto her hair indoors, closeup.

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